The Ghetto Nerd

From the ghetto but never fit in…moved to the suburbs and never fit in…creator, visionary, author, artist, entrepreneur, veteran, father, husband, nerd.

During his time as an inner city youth The Ghetto Nerd (aka B. Van Randall) never really quite fit in.  As a teenager he struggled to find his place in a suburban environment as well.  Hip hop became his refuge.  A place where he could escape using the power of his words to transport himself into an alternate reality.  A reality where financial struggles nor any other misfortunes existed.

The Ghetto Nerd was born and raised in the inner city of Detroit, MI to a chronically sick mother who would succumb to her illnesses at the premature age of 47 and a father who for years struggled with illness of his own.  For most of his life he resided on Detroit’s eastside attending public schools and ultimately graduated from a suburban eastside high school.  During his junior and senior years in high school The Ghetto Nerd wrote and produced his first hip hop album with his lifelong friend.  The Ghetto Nerd eventually went solo, changing his name to Jezt Bryan (aka Red Eyez) and releasing an LP that featured several other rappers and R&B singers.

In 2003, The Ghetto Nerd (under the stage name Jezt Bryan) became the first rap artist to perform for troops serving overseas on the military base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  The performance received national attention.

In 2009, The Ghetto Nerd (under the name Van Randall) wrote, directed and produced the stage play “Family Ties: A Van Randall Drama” which was performed at the GM theatre inside the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit, MI.  The show received positive reviews from fans and critics.

In 2016, The Ghetto Nerd reentered the music scene with a new Hip Hop album titled “#Parent|HOOD”.

Also in 2016, the Ghetto Nerd released his original graphic novel titled “Therians: the Awakening Vol. 1.”  The book was published by Over the Edge Books (Los Angeles, CA).

The Ghetto Nerd continues to write for screen, page and music.  New projects are on the horizon.